90min #IndoorCycling Ride: Endurance, Persistence, Dominance

Simply amazed by a determined posse of 24 riders that stayed to the last minute. 90 minutes ride featuring Endurance, Persistence and Dominance portions. It was epic and enjoyable. Here is the playlist:



The Life Of An #Indoorcycling Instructor: Inside Scoop

As an indoor cycling / Spinning instructor, I‘ve sometimes wondered what some of my students think about me as an instructor and as another person. To dispel some misconceptions and to share some inside facts, here is a summary of what typically happens in the life of an indoor cycling instructor, all of course from my perspective:

  1. Indoor cycling instructors typically teach several classes per week, sometimes two, three or even four classes per day.
  2. Teaching several classes results in having an obscene amount of laundry. It feels I am doing laundry every day!!
  3. We spend countless hours curating playlists, preparing profiles, taking note of our students’ demographics / likes /dislikes and specific needs. Specifically, preparing playlists for themed rides is very time consuming and somewhat costly. None of the time spent on these activities is compensated and is often because we simply love what we do and we do what we love.musictime-titre
  4. I typically arrive 30minutes prior to the start of each class to check the audio equipment, setup, and take care of any new riders that need orientation to the bike platform. We typically don’t leave as soon as the class ends. We check in with riders who needed help or encouragement, in some cases there is paperwork to be completed, sign in/headcount confirmations, equipment breakdown, etc.
  5. We drive around all day from class to class and sometimes (rare) if my mobile phone is not charged, I panic because I cannot remember where I am supposed to be.
  6. In the span of 6 months, I typically attend a few workshops, continuing education courses and conferences. All paid for by….me.
  7. I am constantly networking with other instructors and keeping up with current technologies to ensure I bring the most effective and beneficial workout to my students. Specifically, wearable technologies and classes with power metrics have been game changers in the indoor cycling arena.
  8. I make a sincere effort to learn everyone’s names and I am genuinely interested in your fitness journey. Please do not be offended if I forget your name or call you by someone else’s name. It happens to the best of us.
  9. We are truly interested in your commitment to your health by attending our indoor cycling classes. We will, on occasion and off mic, come to you if we see any unsafe moves or disruptive behavior.
  10. We listen and we care. I am always taking requests for songs and always open to feedback, suggestions and ideas.
  11. I will spend extra time with you at the end of the class if you need, even though this could be the third class I taught in a day and all I want is to go home.
  12. I am always smiling even if I am having a bad day.
  13. Occasionally, I come home late and exhausted, but feeling exhilarated and uplifted by the energy of class participants.
  14. Indoor cycling instructors work holidays, days before holidays, days after holidays…
  15. We worry about you if you are a regular and then you are not in class for several sessions. Please let us know if you a planning to take time off due to work, family or other issues.
  16. And finally, remember, we don’t do it for the money!!



A family of #Indoorcycling classes: #MondayHillCrushers + #HumpDayCycling Playlist

Monday evening indoor cycling classes at Carteret are always sold out. We launched a new hashtag for this class: #MondayHillCrushers in honor of the dedicated group that shows up every week and asks for more hills and more climbs. I am happy to oblige.

I am proud and honored to coach this loyal posse! Here’s the play list for this week’s #MondayHillCrushers and #HumpDayCycling.

See you on the bike



#Indoorcycling Pyramid Intervals: 2 Challenges & 3+1 Intervals

In general, interval training can be described as short periods of work followed by rest. The main aim is to improve speed and cardiovascular fitness. During indoor cycling classes, you can also improve your stamina, endurance and performance (when using trackable metrics). Interval training can also be an effective means of enhancing lactate threshold as I previously discussed in this post.

I am currently using a modified HIIT – Pyramid Intervals – to coach my indoor cycling students using 2 segments of Sprints and Climbs with varying resistance. The goal of these short and intense workouts is to provide improved athletic capacity, improved fat burning and improved plateau avoidance. There are 4 sub-segments of varying times; equivalent periods of rest are applied (3 sprints of 15second increments plus a 60 second wrap up sprint, then 3 climbs of 15second increments plus a 60 second wrap up climb).

Here is a summary:

Pyramid Interval Sprints




Pyramid Interval Climbs




  • Warm up before starting intervals
  • Keep track of performance goals when possible (using wearable technologies, smart phone or other tools)
  • Work with your instructor and keep a steady, but challenging pace throughout each interval
  • Monitor your cadence for sprints (<110 RPM) and climbs (60-80RPM)
  • Modify the number of repetitions over time to avoid plateau(s)
  • Modify intensity or duration (but not both) for controlled and efficient results
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!!


Ride on.


My Review of The Cycle Studio #IndoorCycling Studio

icon_logo_2_304x242The Cycle Studio (http://cyclestudioclark.com/, 732-439-2311) is a modern fitness studio that offers indoor cycling as well as TRX & personal training classes. The Cycle Studio is located in Clark, a thriving area of Union County, NJ. The studio’s street address is 77 Central Avenue in Clark. Although easily accessible from the Garden State Parkway (exit 135 GSP-South) or Central Avenue, it is best to look for the Target Plaza (or Marshalls) opposite ShopRite on Central Avenue. The studio is situated at the end of the plaza (2nd floor) and has plenty of free parking.

I subbed a few classes at The Cycle Studio in 2014 but I am no longer teaching there.

lThe studio was founded about two years ago by Naglis Gaidamavicius (his bio can be found here). The studio is co-owned by Loretta Gaida and her husband Oleg who was a Russian national team cyclist.

The studio on the second floor can be accessed via stairs or elevators. The space was renovated and restored before the launch of the studio and includes modern amenities and appointments such as changing rooms, lockers, showers, retail store, dedicated reception and a large waiting area.


Indoor CyclingRegion Capture4
The Cycle Studio utilizes 20 Spinner Blade Ion bikes (with cages & SPD clips) situated in a semi-circle layout of three rows. The instructor’s bike is elevated on a platform and several classes are offered per week. Some class formats include Cycle Energy, Cycle Ride, Spin/TRX as well as a free introductory class to new riders. No Performance Metrics are in use although the Spinner Blade Ion has an advanced computer that monitors cadence, power, interval duration, heart rate and other parameters (can be paired with a compatible wearable device or smart phone). The studio is equipped with professional lighting and a specialized sound system.

Prices & Process
Reservations can be directly made using the studio’s website (http://cyclestudioclark.com/apps/mindbody/list-schedule). The Cycle Studio uses the common interface provided by Mind & Body software. Prices start at $17 per class with discounts offered for students and multi-class purchases.

Quick Summary

  • Towels are provided as well as cubbies for storage and secure lockers.
  • No shoe rental is offered.
  • Wipes are available.
  • Free parking is available.



Final Thoughts
The Cycle Studio offers a dedicated indoor cycling experience at an affordable price. There are a three large gyms nearby (Retro Fitness, 24Hour Fitness & RWJ Scotch Plains) having indoor cycling classes – but these require membership and/or contracts. The Cycle Studio provides a clean and well appointed space where riders can experience a high intensity class on a cutting-edge bike.

Ride on.



images courtesy of The Cycle Studio Clark.