Spinner Blade Ion Computer Display: Quick Reference Guide

ionThe ION computer provides the rider with power data (displayed in watts), cadence (measured in RPMs), heart rate (when paired with an Ant+ compatible device), kilocalories (KCAL), distance (miles or kilometers), average power, peak power, and total ride time or interval time. When paired with a compatible device, the ION computer will broadcast a data file to the device that will record the ride data, including ride time, power, and kilojoules. This data can be uploaded to power analysis software that is capable of receiving data files with the device used to measure ride data.

For new riders as well as veteran riders and instructors, this quick reference guide summarizes the features and functionality of the onboard computer (click to enlarge):


Press Mode (M) to toggle screens. Screens 3 & 4 are used to mark and measure data for timed intervals. Press & hold Reset (R) for 2 seconds to start and stop tracking data.

Upon completion of the ride or when the rider stops pedaling, the ION computer will remain powered for 30 seconds. During this time, the computer will show a Summary Screen comprised of:

  • LINE 2: Average cadence for the ride in RPM
  • LINE 3: Flashes between average power and peak power for the ride / stage.
  • LINE 4: Total ride / stage time


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