#indoorcycling Playlist for 26 April 2016

This playlist features three intervals:

  1. The Appetizer Course: 15mins – warmup, two combination climbs
  2. The Main Course: 25mins – time trials, stairs, modified tabata, pyramid and pendulum climbs
  3. The Dessert Course: 10mins – seated climb, cool down, victory lap




#YouGotThis #indoorcycling playlist for 5 April 2016

There are moments that make teaching indoor cycling classes so worth the effort of getting there, the time it takes to put together playlists, the routine, the laundry (yep!!), the workshops and so much more. These moments are defined by riders who tell you:

  • “This is the best part of my day
  • I love your music, can I download it/stream it?
  • What other times/days do you teach?
  • Can you teach here all the time?
  • I enjoy your class so much
  • Thank you for making me feel awesome again!!”

These words mean a lot to me. In the end, it is really up to you becuase YOU GOT THIS!! And I will help – that’s my promise.

Here’s today’s playlist: