The Life Of An #Indoorcycling Instructor: Inside Scoop

As an indoor cycling / Spinning instructor, I‘ve sometimes wondered what some of my students think about me as an instructor and as another person. To dispel some misconceptions and to share some inside facts, here is a summary of what typically happens in the life of an indoor cycling instructor, all of course from my perspective:

  1. Indoor cycling instructors typically teach several classes per week, sometimes two, three or even four classes per day.
  2. Teaching several classes results in having an obscene amount of laundry. It feels I am doing laundry every day!!
  3. We spend countless hours curating playlists, preparing profiles, taking note of our students’ demographics / likes /dislikes and specific needs. Specifically, preparing playlists for themed rides is very time consuming and somewhat costly. None of the time spent on these activities is compensated and is often because we simply love what we do and we do what we love.musictime-titre
  4. I typically arrive 30minutes prior to the start of each class to check the audio equipment, setup, and take care of any new riders that need orientation to the bike platform. We typically don’t leave as soon as the class ends. We check in with riders who needed help or encouragement, in some cases there is paperwork to be completed, sign in/headcount confirmations, equipment breakdown, etc.
  5. We drive around all day from class to class and sometimes (rare) if my mobile phone is not charged, I panic because I cannot remember where I am supposed to be.
  6. In the span of 6 months, I typically attend a few workshops, continuing education courses and conferences. All paid for by….me.
  7. I am constantly networking with other instructors and keeping up with current technologies to ensure I bring the most effective and beneficial workout to my students. Specifically, wearable technologies and classes with power metrics have been game changers in the indoor cycling arena.
  8. I make a sincere effort to learn everyone’s names and I am genuinely interested in your fitness journey. Please do not be offended if I forget your name or call you by someone else’s name. It happens to the best of us.
  9. We are truly interested in your commitment to your health by attending our indoor cycling classes. We will, on occasion and off mic, come to you if we see any unsafe moves or disruptive behavior.
  10. We listen and we care. I am always taking requests for songs and always open to feedback, suggestions and ideas.
  11. I will spend extra time with you at the end of the class if you need, even though this could be the third class I taught in a day and all I want is to go home.
  12. I am always smiling even if I am having a bad day.
  13. Occasionally, I come home late and exhausted, but feeling exhilarated and uplifted by the energy of class participants.
  14. Indoor cycling instructors work holidays, days before holidays, days after holidays…
  15. We worry about you if you are a regular and then you are not in class for several sessions. Please let us know if you a planning to take time off due to work, family or other issues.
  16. And finally, remember, we don’t do it for the money!!



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