#Indoorcycling Pyramid Intervals: 2 Challenges & 3+1 Intervals

In general, interval training can be described as short periods of work followed by rest. The main aim is to improve speed and cardiovascular fitness. During indoor cycling classes, you can also improve your stamina, endurance and performance (when using trackable metrics). Interval training can also be an effective means of enhancing lactate threshold as I previously discussed in this post.

I am currently using a modified HIIT – Pyramid Intervals – to coach my indoor cycling students using 2 segments of Sprints and Climbs with varying resistance. The goal of these short and intense workouts is to provide improved athletic capacity, improved fat burning and improved plateau avoidance. There are 4 sub-segments of varying times; equivalent periods of rest are applied (3 sprints of 15second increments plus a 60 second wrap up sprint, then 3 climbs of 15second increments plus a 60 second wrap up climb).

Here is a summary:

Pyramid Interval Sprints




Pyramid Interval Climbs




  • Warm up before starting intervals
  • Keep track of performance goals when possible (using wearable technologies, smart phone or other tools)
  • Work with your instructor and keep a steady, but challenging pace throughout each interval
  • Monitor your cadence for sprints (<110 RPM) and climbs (60-80RPM)
  • Modify the number of repetitions over time to avoid plateau(s)
  • Modify intensity or duration (but not both) for controlled and efficient results
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!!


Ride on.


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