My Review of CycleMaplewood #IndoorCycling Studio

When Cycle In Motion (Maplewood, NJ) closed its doors in August 2013, 1416029805Allison Leonard, one of the instructors and a personal friend, decided to acquire the bikes, re-imagine and then re-open a new indoor cycling studio in Maplewood NJ.


After 4 months of searching for a new location and much persistence, Alli launched CycleMaplewood at a unique venue, the Woodlland: “Completed in 1930 as an elegant home for the Maplewood Woman’s Club organization, the Georgian Revival style mansion and adjoining auditorium were designated a local historic landmark in 2014. Renamed The Woodland, this architectural jewel houses two unique spaces which are available for private parties and public events.” Alli approached the Township of Maplewood’s Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs department about starting an indoor cycling program that would be inclusive, affordable and accessible to the community. “We have an “if you build it, they will come” philosophy: we felt Maplewood needed an affordable indoor cycling program as a fitness resource, and we’re betting on you.”


Indoor Cycling

CycleMaplewood focuses exclusively on indoor cycling, with several classes offered per week. Occasionally, a yoga class is also available. There are 15 Spinner Pro bikes with the traditional cages. These bikes are the workhorses of the Spinner brand, are SPD compatible and offer a very smooth ride. Reservations can be directly made using the studio’s website ( The bikes are located on the actual stage, with the Woodland concert hall in front of you if you are a rider. This is the most unique setup I have seen, lending some distinctive acoustics to the ride in addition to the charm of a historic landmark, theater lights and floor-to-ceiling show curtains. CycleMaplewood is a no-frills studio, offering several classes per week at a very affordable cost of $14 per class. A “book” of 10 classes is offered at $120, or you can take advantage of a monthly subscription at $60.

 Quick Summary


Final Thoughts

Alli’s vision is simple: “CycleMaplewood is a community indoor cycling program…it represents the best of citizens working with government.” Alli is tenacious, dedicated and one of the most hard working individuals you will ever meet. She is also an excellent indoor cycling instructor who motivates her riders and pushes them to exceed their expectations. I wish Alli continued success in her journey.


Ride on.




images courtesy of CycleMaplewood

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