How to Teach the Greatest #IndoorCycling Class….by Tina Kim

Tina, a fellow indoor cycling instructor based in Los Angeles, has created a one-of-a-kind course on udemy, the online TinaKimlearning platform. Tina invested about 300 hours shooting videos, editing content and creating the routines for this class.

From Tina’s course description: “In this course you’ll learn how to teach a nonstop cycling class based on timed roads, not songs & the do’s and don’ts of teaching a functional indoor cycling class. You’ll never have to put a playlist together again after this course. You’ll always be ready to teach any kind of indoor cycling class in seconds and have thousands of songs ready for your ride. After this course you’ll be able to find songs and edit songs for your class and never teach the same class twice. I designed this course for anyone interested in learning how to put together an indoor cycling class in seconds. It contains song lists, song breakdowns, charts, audios and examples, so you’ll feel like you’re right next to me learning this course.”

Tina has provided me with a special discount to share with my readers. You can take Tina’s class using your computer or mobile device for a 70% discount with this special link: A downloadable ebook is also available when you attend the class. But hurry, this link will only be available for the first 50 readers. So I encourage you to experience this engaging and entertaining class as soon as possible. A udemy account is required.

Find out more about Tina, a comedienne and writer, through her website, by visiting her Facebook page or following her on Twitter @tkcomic.

Thank you Tina. Wishing you continued success.

Ride On

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