More Hills, More Sprints, More Intensity – #MondayHillCrushers #Indoorcycling Playlist – August 10

During yesterday’s session, my MP3 player crashed all of a sudden. I tried resetting it to no avail. My backup player would not start. So now my primary and secondary systems are down. Sensing that I am losing momentum with the class, I switched to my smartphone and streamed the playlist. It worked and we were back on track!!

Moral of the story: after several years of teaching indoor cycling classes, I still carry a primary player and two backups (I used to carry CD’s, but I no longer do).

The group was supportive and gracious. As soon as I restarted (after about a 5 minute delay), they clapped and cheered on. Now, that’s what you call a “posse”.

For my #MondayHillCrushers, here’s the playlist:



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