My Review of Rock ‘N Ryde #IndoorCycling Studio


logoIn July, I visited Rock ‘N Ryde to attain Real Ryder certification. The indoor cycling studio is inside a larger facility, TEST Sports Club, yet retains its separate space with access to lockers, showers and abundant parking. The studio was launched in February 2014, is impeccably clean and offers modern amenities at affordable prices. It is located at 1931 Washington Valley Rd, Martinsville, NJ 08836, phone number 732-868-5400, During the visit, I met with one of the owners, Lynn Vanderbeek, who was also attending the certification workshop. The studio is easily accessible from Route 22 and I-78, and is surrounded by several eateries and shops, with free parking near the studio’s entrance (which is shared by TEST club). There is a large reception/waiting area, with a retail shop and prepared foods. 0613151359 DSC_3343 rr

Indoor Cycling

bike_alone_side[1]_previewRock ‘N Ryde focuses exclusively on indoor cycling, with several classes offered per week. Inside the 800 square feet studio, there are 20 ABF8 Real Ryder bikes that are SPD compatible. The instructor’s bike is elevated on a platform and is in front of a mirrored wall; the sound system is located to the right of the instructor’s bike. A large flat screen TV above the instructor displays metrics captured by the MyZone Heart Rate Monitoring System which is used to track real-time progress (the bikes are not equipped with power meters). The optional strap can be purchased and metrics can also be stored and accessed from the studio’s website. Reservations can be directly made using the same website ( The interface is realryder_abf8provided by Mind & Body software and is easy to use on a desktop or mobile device. Rock ‘N Ryde offers a variety of class types and lengths; however, because they are well aware of the adjustment period necessary to ride comfortably on a Real Ryder bike, an introductory package is available for 30 days of unlimited rides at a very reasonable $119 (or $39 for students). This offers a new rider the opportunity to get acclimated to the ABF8, which allows for lateral movement, giving riders the ability to engage more core muscles and replicate an almost-outdoor ride feel. The single class price is $20, with the first ride offered at no charge. Rock ‘N Ryde also offers private rides, corporate rides and fund-raising rides.  

Quick Summary

•No shoe rental

•Towels, ear plugs and wipes are offered

•Storage cubbies, lockers and showers are available

•Abundant parking and easy access




•Address: 1931 Washington Valley Rd, Martinsville, NJ 08836

•Phone number:  732-868-5400

Final Thoughts

In the past two years, numerous indoor cycling studios were launched in NJ. Competition is heating up; yet, with Rock ‘N Ryde you will get a unique bike platform (Real Ryder), numerous classes, access to amenities of a larger fitness facility, all at affordable prices. The owners are dedicated, hands-on and teach classes. Therefore, if anything needs repair, it will be addressed quickly and efficiently. I wish the owners, Lynn, Robin and Jeff continued success and I hope to visit soon.

Ride on.



images courtesy of Rock ‘N Ryde

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