My Review of Momentum Cycling & Fitness #IndoorCycling Studio

Momentum Cycling & Fitness (, 908-277-1333) is located at 33 Union Pl, Summit, NJ 07901 and Region Captureopened its doors in September 2014. It is on the third floor, accessible by stairs and an elevator. Momentum is a modern fitness studio that offers indoor cycling as well as TRX & personal training classes. The studio is located on Union Place, a busy road with several name-brand stores such as Subway, Dunkin Donuts, Manhattan Bagel, Starbucks and a local diner. Finding metered parking on Union Place is very challenging at best, especially if you are attending a class during normal business hours. You may have better luck finding parking on nearby adjacent streets such as Bank Street, Board Street or Springfield Av. The studio is within walking distance to the NJ Transit Summit train station. Metered parking is free on Sundays. Check out the Summit parking map for additional information (



I taught indoor cycling classes at Momentum from September 2014 until February 2015, but I am no longer teaching there.


The studio was founded by Camellia Redmerski & Nekki Robinson, former Wall Street traders, whose inspiring story can be Camellia_&_Nekki_mediumthumbfound here: Their commitment is evidenced by their motto: This is your workout. This is your place. Make it your moment. The studio itself is spacious with on-site daycare, a TRX/HIIT/personal training room and the cycling studio. Momentum is an official Spinning facility and one of the first in NJ to use the advanced Blade Ion bike platform.

The space was renovated and restored before the launch of the studio and includes modern amenities such as changing rooms/lockers, showers, retail mini store, dedicated reception and a large waiting area. Mini lockers are also available and easy to use (digital coded locking system).

Indoor Cycling img-slider1_31_700x312Region Capture4

Momentum uses 30 Spinner Blade Ion bikes with power meters (all are compatible with SPD clips) situated in a three-tier stadium setup. There are two instructor’s bikes (elevated on a platform) near the entrance and close to a new sound system. A lighting system is also in use and adds unique effects that can be controlled by the instructor. A mirrored wall behind the instructor’s bikes is often used to inscribe motivational quotes and updates to the schedule. Several classes are offered per week. A free introductory class is available to new riders. Performance IQ metrics are used (with opt-out option) and can be displayed on one of three large flat screen TVs. Stats can also be emailed to riders for reference during promotional rides or for overall record keeping. The Spinner Blade Ion has an advanced computer that monitors cadence, power, interval duration, heart rate and other parameters (can be paired with a compatible wearable device or smartphone).


Prices & Process

Reservations can be directly made using the studio’s website ( where you can reserve a specific bike. Momentum uses the common10422014_1117993684881920_7980342593393588089_n interface provided by Mind & Body software which is easy to use on a desktop or mobile device. Momentum offers a variety of class types such as SpinPower (45minutes), SpinPower Hour (60minutes) and regular Spin 45 (45minutes). Prices start at $25 per class with discounts offered for students and multi-class purchases. The “30-day Unlimited” package, at $225, is the most cost effective reducing the class price to about $11.25 based on 5 classes per week. Although the per-class price is somewhat high, Momentum’s direct competition lies a few miles away: Soul Cycle in Short Hills and FlyWheel in Milburn.

Quick Summary

  • Towels are provided as well secure lockers.
  • Additional eucalyptus-cooled towels are available near the entrance to the cycling studio.
  • No shoe rental is offered.
  • Wipes are available.
  • Parking can be difficult. Arrive a few minutes early so that you can circle the block to find a spot.
  • twitter @momentumNJ
  • instagram @momentumsummit
  • further info via email:

Final Thoughts

Momentum provides a modern Spinning facility with cutting edge tools such as Performance IQ metrics and the Spinner Blade Ion bike. Nekki and Camellia are energetic owners, active in the local community, and both with large families of their own, they have extended that family feeling to their studio. You can typically find them at the reception area, actively engaged in running the business, working with customers, and on occasion attending or teaching a class. Nekki and Camellia are also well known for their community outreach, working with several local organizations to promote important causes by holding fund raising rides and events at the studio. I wish them continued success.

Ride on.


images courtesy of Momentum Cycling & Fitness

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