My Review of Go Ryde #IndoorCycling Studio

photoGo Ryde (, 20-30 W Main St, Somerville, NJ 08876  (908) 864-7933) is one of only three indoor cycling studios in NJ that utilize the Real Ryder bike platform. They also offer TRX & personal training classes. Go Ryde is located in downtown Somerville, a busy area with some challenging parking (depending on the time of your arrival). Street parking is metered. Bring quarters. You may find more spots in the adjacent streets (Bridge St, Division St, Maple St, or South St). Also, during the summer, the downtown area is bustling (many nearby restaurants and cafes), so arrive early to ensure you can park and make it to class on time. rr Overview

oThe studio was founded by husband and wife team Bill & Courtney Kemmerer who are both USAC CAT 1 expert level mountain bike racers and TRX Certified Group Instructors. The studio’s main entrance features a small waiting room, a Real Ryder demo bike, a small retail display and a storage area. Passing through the reception area, there are two rooms: one for TRX (and other classes) and one for indoor cycling. Bathrooms are in the rear of the indoor cycling room. The studio space is a bit dated, but is clean. There are open storage cubbies and the bathroom doubles as a changing room.

Indoor Cycling 1424350_678994545453273_986729482_n

Go Ryde utilizes 15 Real Ryder bikes (some with power meters, all are compatible with SPD clips) situated in a three-tier stadium setup. The instructor’s bike is near the entrance and is close to a new sound system that was recently installed. Given Bill & Courtney’s outdoor bike experience, their choice of the Real Ryder ABF8 platform is mainly due to the “unique, articulating frame that allows it to steer, turn, and feel like a road bike. That side-to-side motion requires constant shifts of balance – continuous adjustments and corrections that correspond to a rider’s movements on the road while encountering wind shifts, obstacles, and banked and curving surfaces.” RealRyder I was invited to attend a regular 60min class and found the experience of riding the Real Ryder1375220_663485607004167_1864603511_n fun and exciting. Unlike other bike platforms I reviewed (Keiser M3, Spinner Blade Ion, etc.), the Real Ryder takes a while to get used to – probably 3 to 4 classes and the swaying motion can be confusing at first. However, not trying to control the sway, but flowing with the motion is the key to an engaging ride. It might seem a bit scary at first, as if you may lose control, but the Real Ryder is sturdy and responds quickly to any movements when you go into turns, accelerate to climb or burst into a sprint. Some of the bikes had a power meter, but others did not. However, it seems the emphasis at Go Ryde is the mechanics and overall benefits of the resulting cardio workout rather than measuring photo104watts, kcals or distance. The studio is equipped with professional lighting and an overhead projection system (during my ride, the instructor used Cycle Fusion’s app to display the intervals and intensity levels).

Prices & Process

Reservations can be directly made using the studio’s website (!). Go Ryde’s online reservation system is easy to use and their ride prices vary based on a single ride ($24) or a membership model. The basic membership model offers unlimited rides and TRX/Kettlebell/Yoga for $87 a month plus an $87 initiation fee. The professional membership model offers unlimited rides and TRX/Kettlebell/Yoga for $167 with a 12 month commitment but no initiation fees. These membership models also have cancellation policies and other restrictions – more details can be found here:

Quick Summary

  • Towels are not provided but cubbies are available.
  • No shoe rental is offered.
  • Wipes are available.
  • Parking can be challenging.
  • Real Ryder experience is unique, fun and as effective as other platforms.

Final Thoughts

Go Ryde offers a unique indoor cycling experience using a bike platform that resembles riding outdoors.  The owners are at the studio during business hours and are actively engaged in running the business and teaching classes. The space itself can use a bit of sprucing up and the bikes should be outfitted with power meters given that more and more riders are using wearable devices to track performance metrics. Running a small business is very demanding and time consuming – Bill & Courtney seem to have Go Ryde under control and their business is thriving. I wish them all the best.

Ride on.


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