Supercharge Your Indoor Cycling Warm-up

I recently participated in an open audition at a national indoor cycling chain. At the end of the 10min demo (warm up, climb, pursuit, cool down), I received positive feedback about my routine, tempo, style, cues, technicals and overall presentation. However, I was told that at “…. we don’t do warm ups/cool downs, we just dive into it”. They politely thanked me. They didn’t say it, but it was a “no”.

But it got me thinking that warm up/cool downs are an essential component, not only in spinning or indoor cycling, but in mostly every fitness routine out there. Particularly, I found it somewhat impractical to start an indoor cycling class with a climb or a sprint. I usually use my warm up (about 4-5mins) to prepare the class, outline the ride, explain what we need to do and generally focus everyone’s attention – a system’s check if you will. Then we lift off.

So for those who consider warm ups/cool downs to be passé or unnecessary, I would politely and professionally disagree. Below is my quick reference guide that will help you better understand the importance of a warm up and how it contributes to the efficiency and improved results of your indoor cycling journey (additional details: Click the graphic to view a larger version.


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