The **Unwritten** Rules of Instructor to Instructor Etiquette for Indoor Cycling Classes

I never thought I would be writing such a post, but what happened last week made me rethink these “unwritten” rules and in fact, they should be written, respected and adhered to.

This all arose from a pet peeve of mine which is basic cleanliness at indoor cycling studios. Many studios provide towels and  wipes to encourage riders to wipe down their bikes after each class as well as clean up the area around their bikes. It is taken for granted that instructors would be held to similar standards; or so I thought. It turns out, I have to state the obvious yet again and highlight some instructor behaviors that make me, as an indoor cycling instructor, disappointed and to a large extent, royally peeved.

When dealing with a mess left by an instructor who just finished teaching the time slot before yours, you are left with little time to clean the mess and setup for your class. Therefore, I call on all indoor cycling instructors to respect and abide by the following rules – here we go:


Instructor to Instructor Rule 1: Wipe down the bike AND the floor.sweat

That means (I can’t believe I am actually writing this!) use the wipes to wipe down the handlebars, seat, bike frame, resistance knob, adjustment knobs and anywhere else you dripped sweat. Simple, right? You would think so, but last week, a veteran instructor made me question his sanity. Moreover, please wipe down the puddle that forms on the floor. It is great you had an awesome ride, but I can’t tolerate to step into, much less, clean your mess. Really, YOUR MOM DOES NOT WORK HERE! Please cleanup your messes, no matter how small.


Instructor to Instructor Rule 2: Leave nothing behind.messy-cables-570x379

Take your gear, including your water bottle, gel seat cushion, wires, electronics, mobile phone, CD’s, sandwich, gum wrappers, juice/shake bottle, gym bag, coat, and the kitchen sink.


Instructor to Instructor Rule 3: Finish on time or a couple of minutes early.untitled

I may be asking for too much to have you finish early, but I am not when I am asking you to seriously finish on time. If your class ends at, say 9:45am, please make sure you and your group are wrapping up and on your way out by then. That does not mean for you to perform your cool down routine at 9:45am and vacate the studio at 9:55am when my class starts at 10am. The courtesy of an on-time finish is a lost art these days. Respect the next time slot.

Instructor to Instructor Rule 4: Social media – take it outside.blah blah

I know you are very popular and class participants want to chit-chat, take pictures to post and tag. While that’s super dandy, please take it outside of the studio so that I can focus on my students and help them when needed. The studio is not a hangout spot; how about the lounge area or the coffee shop down the street? Better? I thought so.


Instructor to Instructor Rule 5: Turn down the mic volume & master volume switches.sc_b006o711v0-04front2_lg

There is nothing worse than you finishing late, forcing me to rush and hook up my music to an already maxxed out volume setting ensuring I will scare the living daylights of everyone in the studio. Thank you very much.


Instructor to Instructor 6: Reset the bike.Bicicleta%20Athletic%20Spinning%205805BS%20gran

Many indoor instructors adjust the bike’s seat elevation and handlebar position. That’s fine. However, if you move the bike because you like it in a certain place, please move it back to its original spot, because….I like it there! Got it! Good.


All I ask is common courtesy and respect. Please do not be offended if you get asked (by me) to cleanup or do something you should have done. We are all in this together – teamwork, right?


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