Our Wish List as Participants

A fellow instructor had asked me to post this article about cycling instructors’ pet peeves. I received a lot of feedback from instructors as well as class participants. Theseindoor-cycling participants chimed in with their own set of pet peeves directed mostly at instructors. It turns out that we are not perfect either :-). So using this feedback, the following post brings in the participants’ point of view.

Don’t Break Our Eardrums

Yes, sometimes you play the music way way loud. Please do a quick walk through in the studio to assess the acceptable volume levels.

Don’t play the same playlist six weeks in a row

It gets boring after a while. With the abundance of music resources, please consider using the same playlist no more than twice in a row. Also, please be aware of the class demographics and music preferences. Ask us!! We will tell you. Share with us your Twitter/Facebook info so that we can forward you some music suggestions.

Ask us how we are doing & please make eye contact

We do not want to be ignored for the whole ride. Make eye contact and at least once or twice ask if everyone is doing OK and encourage us to be vocal about how the workout is going. We also like it when you call us by our first names and encourage us or congratulate us after a tough challenge. We like compliments! It’s ok if you want to walk around and high five us!

Please start on time and finish a bit early

We all have things to do and places to be. Please start on time and do not worry about the late comers. We also would appreciate it if you could finish the workout a few minutes early so that we can get our stuff and make it to the next class on time or catch the train. But please do not run the class later than the scheduled end time and please do not start late either.

Stop yapping

We hear you. You do not have to talk the whole time.

Don’t pick on me

We appreciate your suggestions and corrections. But please, do not use open mic to target me specifically in front of the whole class. May we suggest that you talk to us off mic (dismount and come over if we are doing something stupid or dangerous).

Please keep it clean

Please do not use profanity or music that includes explicit lyrics. Yes, we know there are uber studios that see no problem with that. However, for the most part we would appreciate it if you could stay away from such playlists.

No bragging, criticizing other instructors or TMI

We honestly would prefer if you do not berate other instructors, staff or management. We simply don’t care. But it shows bad taste. We also don’t care where you’ve been, how many classes you have taught this week and how many likes you have on Facebook. Just keep things focused on the workout. Less is more.

Own the room

Arrive early and please have the music playing before the class starts so that when we walk in, it wouldn’t take too much to get into the groove. Also, let the music play even after the workout has concluded. Please stay for a few minutes at the end in case we have any questions.

Let me be!

Some of us get in the groove and we want to climb when the rest are seated. Sometimes, there is a personal connection to a specific soundtrack that makes us want to go 1000%. Other times, it has been a long day and we are not 100%. Some of us are new to cycling and feel a bit intimidated. Unless we are doing something stupid or dangerous, let us rock it out or just stay seated.


Now we have heard from both sides. Please share any comments or insights with me. Thanks!!


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